Resources for Practitioners

What is

Authentic Inquiry

Authentic Inquiry is an intervention designed to build personally relevant knowledge which is useful in education. The personally relevant topic is identified by the learner, enabling greater opportunity for connection with the learning process. This is done by taking the learners’ interest through their own narratives and stories (personal) and navigating this towards the production of an ‘artefact’ such as a piece of art, poster or other product that has some external educational value (public). In so doing, a connection between the personal and the public is developed. More detailed information about Authentic Inquiry is available within the training materials.

Jearni Platform

The project is supported by a digital infrastructure which facilitates learners’ journeys (both education staff and young offenders).

The digital infrastructure and its associated tools enable users to assess progress along their journey, and identify areas of focus for them as learners. The infrastructure includes a repository for online educational resources and a community of practice for both learners and educators (trainers and education staff).

Further information about the Jearni Platform is available here:

To use the platform, please contact

Training Materials

Training Guidance Booklet

This output of the RENYO project has been to develop and produce an Authentic Inquiry training programme available for European practitioners to use in their own secure settings. The training materials are available to download here. The diagram present in the Training Guidance Booklet clarifies what is available.

Additional Resources for Educators

Guidance Document for Educators

This document is a short guide for educators to use following training. It will support educators to work through the Authentic Inquiry process.

Using Authentic Inquiry – The mentor’s experience

This document offers practitioners insights from mentors who have used the Authentic Inquiry process within secure settings.