A Moved 2020

Dec 14, 2020 | News

In what was a moved 2020, partners of the RENYO project have regularly met to update and develop strategies to implement the project. Partners managed to meet face-to-face in January 2020 in Dresden and then continued meeting virtually in April, October and December 2020.

During the meetings, partners extensively discussed how to overcome COVID-19 challenges and how to adapt the activities and methodologies to the new unexpected situation, especially in relation to the conduction of the trainings of educators and the piloting with young people in conflict with the law. They also discussed data collection methodologies and tools for RENYO’s Research, which will analyze the data collected during the piloting to investigate the potential of the Authentic Inquiry to increase the capabilities of educational staff to respond to young people’s educational needs. In this regard, partners explored ways to address methodological and ethical issues for the conduction of qualitative interviews, as well as the use and monitoring of the Learning Power Platform to assess the learner’s learning journey and collect useful quantitative data. Meetings finally involved coordination between partners on the production of dissemination material for the website and social media, and the general management of the project.