Training & authentic inquiry methodology

This output of the project will develop and produce a training programme to train the trainers in partner countries in implementing locally relevant versions of authentic inquiry methodology for use in secure education settings. This will be an innovative transnational collaborative training programme that has never been done before in secure custodial settings. The aim is to develop a strategy that will ensure transferability of the programme to other country contexts beyond the life of the project.


The training

The initial pilot of the training will be a 2-day programme at CESIE, Palermo (Italy). The materials consist of a theoretical underpinning of authentic inquiry and the evidence base for it. Other materials include practical examples of authentic inquiry used in a range of settings and particularly with disengaged learners.

The impact of this output is crucial because the trainers are the key individuals who take the authentic inquiry methodology into the partner countries and to educators working with young offenders.

A guidance document for educators to use as a framework and template which also includes case studies for using authentic inquiry in their own secure custodial contexts will be created.

Young offenders are likely to be marginalised and socially excluded when back in the community, particularly as they are likely to have less training or educational opportunities. This makes employment opportunities more limited. Thus, re-engaging young offenders whilst in custody presents a unique opportunity for resettlement into the community and education on release.